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As a result of a re-commissioning of domestic violence and abuse provision in Devon, a service specification was produced which supported organisations to tender on a cost effective service that would achieve four key outcomes:

  • Reduction in risk and especially prevention of death or serious injury
  • Improved Safety, Health and Wellbeing and recovery from the impact of domestic abuse
  • Reduction of repeat  experiences of domestic abuse
  • Improved understanding and practice in tackling domestic abuse across all agencies

The new service specification was targeted towards victims, children and their perpetrators at the highest level of need to make the most effective use of available resources. This was defined as medium or high risk of domestic abuse and/or where the experience of domestic abuse is at acute or chronic levels. The Devon commissioners, in making the offer to Splitz Support Service, stated that the response from Splitz, ‘offered the most compelling solutions for how the needs of Devon’s wider communities will be met in the future’.

Which areas do we cover

We cover the whole of Devon except Plymouth and Torbay.

How to refer to us

We accept self referrals and agency referrals. For self referrals please call our helpline on 0345 155 1074. For agency referrals we ask for a referral form and DASH risk assessment to be emailed or faxed to us. We do not accept referrals by post. We have separate referral forms for children and young people and for adults. You can request both forms including contact details from our helpdesk.

Risk Assessment

It would greatly assist the referral process if the referring agency completed a standard DASH risk assessment form. This form is issued by Safe Lives (formerly known as CAADA) and used by agencies across the country.

If a risk assessment results in a high score (14 or more yes answers) and there has been an incident in the last three months, the individual needs to be referred to the MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference). For more information on the MARAC process and to find the Devon referral form go to

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Our fax number is 01392 368071.


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