A heart-warming response and note of thanks from a funder is always nice to receive. Our young people's team were particularly blessed in receiving the following message from the Grant Officer at Comic Relief..................

Hiyah Splitz,

You are delivering such a vital service for young people who have in some way experienced abuse. Your outcomes have been astounding, especially in regards to young people recognising that abuse is not their fault and an improved concentration at school. The model you operate on really does contribute to ensuring a holistic service, which ensures improvements not only on an individual level for young people, but also at home and at school. Although you state that you did have some difficulties in levels of engagement for your group work sessions, the outcomes you have stated for the young person’s group work is excellent and shows considerable improvement around all measurable outcomes. Even though it has been a short time that I have been managing your grant, it has been a pleasure but a shame that I wasn’t able to get to know your organisation better.

I wish you all the best with your services for the future.

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Webb UK Grants Officer – Health and Well-being Comic Relief


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