Behaviour Change Support

Splitz behaviour change support offers one to one sessions to males and females who have used abusive behaviours towards their partners or family members and have a desire to change.

The age range for support is 16+ and is offered across Wiltshire but excluding Swindon.


 'Sure we argue but doesn't everyone?

Sometimes I shout and call my partner names.....they look scared of me'.

'I slapped my partner once, I didn't mean too, I swore it wouldn't happen again but I lose it when I get angry.......and it did happen again'.

'Why do my children seem afraid of me? I haven't done anything to hurt them......have I?'

'I don't want to hurt the people I love anymore but I don't know how to stop'.


Does this sound familiar?

Then Splitz behaviour change support could be for you.......'it's your choice'


During sessions with your behaviour change support worker you will;

 Be listened to without judgement in a confidential space.

  • Learn to understand and explore the full spectrum of domestic abuse.
  • Learn tools to manage your anger and to help you avoid future incidents of abuse.
  • Learn to understand yourself better including your personal triggers, negative thought processes & be able to manage your own emotions and responses more effectively.
  • Learn and understand the impact of Domestic abuse on your partner, children and family members.
  • Learn better communication, how to rebuild trust and respect and how to have happier, healthier relationships.

How to refer;  Complete the phoenix project referral from through the Splitz website Or Call our helpdesk on 01225 775276 (please leave a message at busy times)

For additional support and information please contact Respect; Or call 0808 802 4040


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