Family Support Team

The family support team work with families who have experienced domestic abuse, whether you are planning on moving together safely in the relationship, or planning to leave/separate.

This support is unique to each individual families circumstances. The support worker will use different tools to work out what the most relevant support pathway is for you.

As part of family support, if appropriate, you will receive face to face or telephone support which will be structured one to one sessions to meet your individual needs within a safe setting.

The sessions are aimed to educate and raise awareness around domestic abuse and its impact on the whole family.

Theses sessions could include:

  • Risk Assessing and Safety Planning
  • Power and Control and Cycle of Abuse
  • Barriers to Leaving
  • Impact on Children
  • Healthy Relationship
  • Moving Forward


There may be times when children need support individually away from the family unit. We can provide one to one support for 11-17 year olds to improve their understanding of the effect of domestic abuse, improve their personal safety and help them to recognise what a healthy relationship looks like. This can take place in a safe space (e.g. school).


To refer to the service please complete a referral form or online referral.  Phoenix referral form

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