Helen approached us in March 2013. She was depressed, struggling through the process of losing her daughters to long term foster care, living on a budget and still struggling to get out of a controlling relationship, even though she was divorced 5 years ago and her ex was remarried. She was also being controlled by her son who lived with her ex, his father.

Helen struggled initially, but only because it was so ingrained in her to agree with everything that was suggested, which meant that after discussing issues she talked of the ideal course of action with such determination, but never followed through with any actions.

It was about four weeks in, when we asked her whether she really felt that what had just been suggested was something she could actually do, that she looked sheepish and agreed that she had no idea how to do it. This was effectively the start of her growth spurt. She became absolutely open about her ability to stand up for herself and the repercussions of speaking as she wished. We spent time on these issues.

The difference now is that, having fully engaged in two Lift Psychology courses - one on stress and mood management and the other on self esteem, she is able to stand up to her ex and constantly asserts her rights to live her own life.

She has also embarked on a new relationship, and whilst her new partner has issues with confidence, trust and self-esteem, she refuses to let him control her, recognising that if she doesn’t set the boundaries now she will end up with a similar relationship. Helen is currently looking to move to a new home for a new start in her new stronger, more confident persona.

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