Sandra had experienced and witnessed domestic abuse from a very early age. She is the youngest of a family of 5 and the daughter to the perpetrator; the other children were his step-children. Her father misused drugs and would become extremely violent when under the influence. She watched as her father physically and emotionally abused her mother, half- brother and half-sister. On one occasion Sandra stopped her brother from drowning in his own bath as his father had punched his face so hard that he was knocked out for nearly three hours.

Hilary and Pete have been married for five years. Originally from Uganda, he is a Commonwealth soldier based in Wiltshire. His assaults against her had became progressively worse with both police and Army Welfare involvement. Hilary self referred to Splitz after being given our leaflet at the Hive. Hilary was struggling to accept her failed marriage, which culturally is considered shameful. Pete had been back to Uganda and married again, which seems to be legal in Uganda. He wanted to bring his second wife and baby into the quarters; escalating acrimony.

Helen approached us in March 2013. She was depressed, struggling through the process of losing her daughters to long term foster care, living on a budget and still struggling to get out of a controlling relationship, even though she was divorced 5 years ago and her ex was remarried. She was also being controlled by her son who lived with her ex, his father.

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